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A New, Innovative Organics Management Solution

What We Do

Alternative Organics is a food recovery and waste optimization company on a mission to give grocery stores and food processors across North America a safe, clean, and efficient alternative for recycling their organic material.

With legislation and public opinion alike pushing businesses to adopt sustainable, more environmentally responsible business practices; grocery stores and bulk food production companies need a solution for organic product recycling that empowers them to do their part to build toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Alternative Organics is that solution

Yes We Can

With many conversations, the one common theme we hear is that having an organics recycling program creates safety, security, odor, leakage, and cost issues.

At the end of the day; shouldn’t sustainable, responsible, and good stewards of our companies and future generations be safe, secure, cost neutral or even cost advantageous? The answer is Yes!

There are options and solutions that can create higher value. First, we need to understand why the current solutions offered in the market space can’t provide a “Yes We Can” response.

A New Solution

That is where we come in.

Alternative Organics has designed a solution that checks all the boxes when it comes to what grocery store customers are looking for in an organics management program. That includes cost saving and sustainability.

Most of all, we know that it’s not enough for an organics solution to be good for the environment it has to be good for business. That’s why we created a process that integrates seamlessly with your business’ existing operations.

Not only is this solution more efficient- it’s more cost-effective as well: In fact, we typically see a 10 – 40% cost reduction than traditional collection models in most instances.

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